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It is thanks to the commitment of the men and women who make up its teams that ITESOFT has become the European reference for secure multi-capture solutions for the dematerialization and agile automation of customer and supplier processes.

To further develop the group in France and abroad, to offer our customers technological excellence and strengthen its market position, ITESOFT continually recruits a variety of profiles, juniors or seniors: sales engineers, consultants, project developers, support engineers.

Why join us?


1 A dynamic French company in a growing industry

ITESOFT, a Group of more than 200 people, established in 1984, enjoys a healthy financial structure.
As a software publisher creating and using current technologies, ITESOFT covers 80% of the European market with both direct presence (France, UK, Germany) and indirect (Switzerland, BeNeLux, Spain …).
To join ITESOFT means integrating a human-sized company with constant growth that fosters communication and responsiveness while leaving room for innovation and creativity.


2 Exciting projects and innovative achievements

Our reputation and leadership in technology has earned us the trust of over 350 major clients across all sectors. ITESOFT offers the most extensive functional coverage of the market. By investing 17% of our Business figures in our R&D, we strive to develop the technological excellence of our solutions, and constantly innovate.


3 The proximity of an SMB and the power of an international company

ITESOFT is comprised of human-sized departments whose operating mode is based on flexibility and responsiveness. Our organization encourages emulation and collaboration between the various project stakeholders. The mood and dynamics of ITESOFT rely on rapid decisions, the search for efficiency and accountability of employees.


4 Our working environment

You will be joining a group with strong commitments, excellence and ethics, where the atmosphere is vibrant, professional and friendly, and there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
ITESOFT offers its employees fulfilling and rewarding working conditions, allowing each to bring out the best of himself. This is how we build the success of our company.


Your professional development at ITESOFT

Career management is an integral part of the human resource strategy of the group and starts with your inclusion.

Upon arrival, you will receive a number of essential documents for understanding the company (welcome brochure etc.) and throughout the first months of employment you will have the opportunity to follow a program tailored to your tasks and questions.

For younger employees, a sponsor will be assigned to accompany you for the first months of your employment. This person is usually chosen from a different department than yours to help you discover the other departments and adopt to overall company procedures and culture.

At ITESOFT we aim to develop and enhance the skills of our employees. We favor a personalized approach for each person and in particular through regular meetings (annual performance, setting goals, professional scorecard…) and customized training.

Administration is handled by managers with previously proven ITESOFT experience and who have benefited from internal promotions. This gives them a good understanding of the business and an increased awareness of employee problems. The proximity of the employees with their manager ensures that they have a voice and the required help for development in their careers.

Prospects for advancement and mobility are offered to each employee who desires to invest in the growth of the organization.

All available job positions are open to internal candidates.

Any internal employee interested in internal promotion will be received by the HR team to identify motivations and evaluate the adequacy of their profile for the job. More broadly, an internal advancement guide promoting this mode of evolution stipulates how to succeed in this career path.

Submit a spontaneous application

Our Jobs

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FAQ Recruitment

The recruitment process

How to Apply? /em>

A job offer has caught your attention and you want to send us your application? You can submit your resume and cover letter on our website or if you prefer, send us your application items by email (


Can I submit an unsolicited application?

We are regularly looking for new profiles. Also, if you want to send us your application in the event of a future job opening, please submit your resume and cover letter on our website or send us your application items by email (


What is the process of selecting candidates?

All the applications are reviewed by our HR department to analyze the adequacy of career path, education and professional experience with the search criteria designated by the manager.

Candidates are selected on the basis of their application and are called back if the first telephone contact is positive. They are then invited to meet a member of the HR team and the manager concerned by the job opening.

A second interview with the director of the branch is then proposed to shortlisted candidates.

The choice of the most suitable person for the position and our work environment is then made collegially.

The application processing time

DHow soon will I receive an answer?

If you do not receive news from us within 3 weeks, you can assume that unfortunately we cannot respond to your application.

Be aware that, unless otherwise specified by you, we keep a file of your application for a period of 6 months. The next opportunity may therefore be presented to you later on.

Candidates with disabilities

If I am disabled, may I possibility find a job with ITESOFT?

All job opportunities at ITESOFT are open to people with disabilities because we believe that disability and performance are not mutually exclusive.

Recruitment process is identical to that of all candidates with or without disabilities.

The integration process however will be given special attention, as well as that concerning the work environment and conditions.


Available Company Jobs


  • Analysis and reporting of customer needs
  • Leads Generation


  • Technical and functional sales support
  • Demonstrations and Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Estimates and preliminary project models


  • Complete management of the sales cycle
  • Tracking customer portfolios
  • Managing partner relations


  • Design technologies, products and software solutions
  • Industrialization and product tests for quality improvement

Services & Projects

  • Customizing, settings, installations, deployment
  • Management of all project phases

What is the ITESOFT internship policy?

ITESOFT recruits students at a university level from at least 2 to 5 years. Those wishing to discover the professional world, and the company’s business. Each student is supervised by a tutor who guides in learning the future profession.

It is an essential recruitment vector that has long proven its effectiveness.

Nearly 50 young people are welcomed each year as a part of their business curriculum.