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Optimising customer processes

By integrating omnichannel document capture, process automation and automatic fraud detection, all within a single customer digital business platform, ITESOFT provides organisations with the means to manage processes for delivering good customer relations. The key is an optimised customer experience, more efficient and better managed processes and respect for your service-level agreements.

Improved transformation rates

Reduced customer acquisition costs

Increased customer satisfaction

For excellence in customer relations

The behavior of increasingly connected customers, as well as the arrival of new services disrupting traditional practices, inevitably push companies to achieve a higher user experience. To achieve this, an essential strategy is to implement a genuine omnichannel platform, offering a more fluid and seamless customer experience between the different channels (portal, agency, email, mobile, mail, etc.). Customer engagement must also be facilitated, particularly through online contracting. But this is the tip of the iceberg. To ensure the expected level of response, organisations must also optimise their back office processes to gain agility and reduce response times that are consistent with customer expectations.

The massive use of digitisation, whether in branch offices, in a mailroom or within a department, make it possible to circulate digital files much faster between the teams, in particular using process automation. Finally, using classification and automatic reading tools for documents, organisations can significantly reduce time-consuming manual tasks, freeing up time for managers to concentrate on higher value-added tasks for customers.


Improve customer experience with online contracting

Companies involved in the digital transformation of their customer processes often seek to speed up purchases by offering an online subscription. Subscribing to an offer usually involves filling out an online form and then printing contracts, signing them by hand and returning them by mail along with the supporting documents. Such a lengthy process will increase the purchase delays and generate a very high drop out rate. In addition, almost half of the files received by mail are incomplete, resulting in further delays and additional costs.

The eContract online contracting solution enables a fully digital customer experience. The vouchers can be directly loaded onto the portal and these are verified automatically by fraud detection tools. The contract documents are directly signed on a portal with an electronic signature generated “on the fly”. Thanks to eContract, the customer can now easily contract online safely. For their part, companies improve their brand image, increase the conversion rate and decrease the risk of fraud.

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Omnichannel capture of customer records and documents

Regardless of the channel used to submit their requests, customers are no longer prepared to wait several weeks, or even several days to receive an answer. However, companies devote a great deal of time and resources to handling, sorting and distributing documents received in branch offices or mailrooms. In addition, with the implementation of an omnichannel strategy, an increasing number of documents are now sent by email, via a mobile application or a portal. The ITESOFT solutions manage this complexity by processing documents received by all channels on the same platform.

The use of ADR* and ADC* technologies automatically identifies the types of documents received and extracts the information needed to process customer files in digital mode. Capture solutions are capable of both managing millions of documents per day in the case of a digital mailroom and responding to real-time unit requests from a portal or mobile app.

ADR: Automatic Document Recognition

ADC: Automatic Document Content

Case Management / Customer Request Management

Whether it is a customer complaint, a loan application or an insurance claim, it has become essential to shorten the processing period to retain customers or acquire new ones. The management of customer requests often involves several steps, involving employees with specific expertise, collaborative exchanges and decision making, while maintaining the flexibility to manage exceptions. Where delays are longer, it is essential to maintain visibility on the progress of the file in order to inform the customer.

Customer request management solutions will enable you to automate your file processing as much as possible whilst integrating with your existing systems to control data and avoid unnecessary entries. The use of fraud detection tools allows systematic verification of supporting documents to reduce the risk associated with false documents. The solutions integrate with process monitoring tools which will identify bottlenecks, optimise resource allocation and fine-tune prioritising tasks according to business rules

Decrease litigation by digitalising customer files

For Carglass®, each application file must be complete. An unauthorised service could be synonymous with refused reimbursement by insurers. In order to secure the management and traceability of its files, Carglass® decided to rely on ITESOFT to dematerialise customer files. The offices and headquarters now have immediate access to documents and disputes have been drastically decreased.

We have between 90 to 95% of documents automatically identified and about 90% that are automatically indexed

Axel Brochard, Development Manager

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