• 01

    Definition of a case file

    • Define any type of case file separately and mention the attachments depending on the contexts
  • 02

    Capture of supporting documents

    • A multi-media ergonomic filing interface designed to support users in the transfer of documents
  • 03

    Data recognition and extraction

    • All documents are automatically recognized and the important data is extracted and indexed to avoid manual entry


  • 04

    Comprehensiveness and automatic reminder

    • A fully automated collection and validation process including reminders to guarantee fast and efficient comprehensiveness.


  • 05

    Compliance and fraud detection

    • A systematic document control guaranteeing compliance of documents and raising suspicions of fraud.


  • 06

    Easy integration

    • A service that can easily be integrated in your portal guaranteeing no disruption to the customer journey

+130 types of documents, ready to use !

Customer Case Processing SeekPng.com_mac-png_60997 Customer Case Processing Mobile

Exceptional benefits

Forget about non-compliant documents, reminder emails, concentrate on your customers!

Satisfied users

Satisfied users


of users find the
experience easy

Operational Gain

Operational gain


costs and case
processing times

Qualified case files

Qualified case files


documents are verified and tracked automatically

Unique simplicity

Unique simplicity


easy-to-use: zero technical learning required




ISO 27001:2022

Don't take our word for it. Our customers say it better

Unrivalled expertise

Smarter, faster and more secure






Deep Learning



Capture interactive responsive

Responsive interactive capture

API Rest

API Rest


Machine Learning


Compliance Checks

+1 Md
Documents processed per year
Digitalization projects

Onboard your project in days, not weeks

Why make it complicated when it can be simple ?

Stress-free, Streamline Business is a solution that can be quickly integrated between your portal and your internal applications for immediate business start-up.

Immediate activation simple integration
schema quickstart SLFB responsive

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and processing time.

As soon as the customer journey requires documents to deliver a service, studies show that more than 1/3 of the customers are struggling to transmit them in the right format, via the right channel and within a constrained timeframe.

A solution for automating the creation of files allows you to

- Divide by 6 the file processing time thanks to the interactive and ergonomic capture of supporting documents which allows customers to correct their own errors (non-conforming documents, poor quality)

- Save on administrative activities - collection, conformity check, consistency check, completeness check, fraud detection and customer reminder - in order to concentrate employees on business processing with higher added value for the company and the customer

- Accelerate the deployment of new services by entrusting the offer manager with the configuration of new files in a few clicks without an IT project

Streamline Business is a SaaS solution designed for the business or digital transformation manager who wants to digitalize the file creation process behind a web portal to

- Improve the digitalization of the customer journey

- Reduce the operational costs of managers

- Guarantee the conformity of the files

The digitalization of customer relations and the new demands of consumers require more and more segmentation of offers and more and more reactivity: launching a new product, offering a new service, modifying an existing process...

It is essential that a business decision-maker can deploy these new processes simply and quickly; without calling on technical experts or third-party service providers who would directly impact deployment times and costs.

As the types of files to be processed are rapidly increasing, it is also important to have a single solution that can digitize all file creation processes and not just a few specific types. Indeed, more than 80% of the files are operations of life of the contract (payment, claim, certificate, change of RIB, address). It is therefore imperative to have a single collection method between the subscription and the life of the contract for a unified customer experience without any break.

Streamline Business provides a REST API to easily integrate with web portals and other document delivery channels (email, social networks, mail).

The filing interface is customizable to the organization's corporate identity to ensure a seamless customer experience.

The documents are kept for the time it takes to complete the customer files.

Once the back office has retrieved the documents, the purge set by the user is activated

Streamline Business optimizes customer journeys and accelerates the digital transformation of organizations thanks to unique innovations on the market:

  • An intelligent collection interface involving the user
  • A definition of any type of file in the hands of the business. A type of file can be defined in a few minutes.
  • A unique library of +130 learnings and a library of +150 control points
  • An automatic process of completeness, relaunch and compliance that can be configured by the business
  • Easy to implement, easy to use and easy to integrate into existing IT systems (both front and back office)
  • Compliance checks and suspected fraud on documents to participate in a KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML/CFT process

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