A unique approach to digital transformation

Our cloud solutions are the only ones to integrate 3 essential pillars for the digitalisation of exchange and the automation of processes:


Intelligent Document Processing

Extract reliable data in real-time from all your documents

Fraud detection


Detect fraud attempts and document alterations with robotic controls



Orchestrate interactions from a high number of operators and systems



The best artificial intelligence technologies

Our software robots make use of unique combinations of OCR/ICRs, AI and exclusive expert systems to ensure the best performance in automated document processing. Proof of this are the automation rates of more than 95% that we deliver.

  • Machine learning
    Automatic classification of documents
  • Incremental learning
    For a scalable documentary scope
  • De-warping
    Straightening or “getting the creases out of” a scan or photo
  • Adaptative 'accurate' or 'fast' strategy
    Adapting to interactive or batch use cases
  • Specialized expert systems
    40 years of business expertise in our algorithms
  • Few-Shot Learning
    When the document volume is low
  • Automatic control
    Guides the user when documents are delivered
  • Text mining, natural language processing
    Sentiment analysis for processing letters, emails, etc.

The highest level of security ISO 27001:2022


Security is in ITESOFT’s DNA.
Only a handful of players are certified like ITESOFT on the latest ISO version and on a global scope:

  • 100% of ITESOFT SaaS services certified
  • 100% of ITESOFT SaaS solutions certified
  • Latest certification version 27001:2022
  • Complete scope: from solutions to technical support

The ISO 27001:2022 certification of ITESOFT guarantees to our clients that their data and documents will be processed in a highly secure environment.


pre-configured controls

Exclusive technology

combining document alteration detection, Altermetry® and consistency checks

Systematic controls

before any document processing

No prior learning

of fraud schemes. Ready-to-use robots


Unique detection robots

Our exclusive technologies detect alterations and falsification made to a document by usingAltermetry®, an exclusive ITESOFT innovation that reveals the traces made to a document, thanks to our structural and frequency analysis of the image.

Our robots check the consistency and validity of the data handled (dates, amounts, addresses, MRZ, 2D Doc, PDF metadata, etc.) by cross-checking intra or inter-document data and making use of external or open data services (Companies House, IBAN…). No more long and costly data analysis phases.

Business Process Management:
the foundation of our solutions


All our solutions are based on our ultra-adaptable BPM engine recognised by major analysts such as Gartner or Forrester for its robustness, openness and compatibility with the BPMN 2.0 standards.

Our BPM engine includes extended modeling capacities via the 'Customer Journey Map' and the development of applications via 'Low Code' type approaches. You model and develop your applications faster and business interactions are simplified.

  • An active member of the OMG
  • Recognised by the Magic Quadrant iBPMS
  • Improved compliance with BPMN 2.0 standards
  • Orchestration of third-party services: RPA, electronic signature, legal archiving, etc.
  • Collaborative and agile IT/Business modeling in a 'low code' approach

Whilst you're here...


Business Process Management, a key lever of your digital transformation


ITESOFT recognised by global analysts

Customer references highly rated their overall experience with ITESOFT. Particular areas they highlighted were the ease of deployment, the performance and reliability of the platform, the quality and availability of end-user training, and the availability and quality of third-party resources.

Groupe 347

ITESOFT is a good option for large organisations, particularly in the European Union; in highly regulated markets such as healthcare, insurance, and finance.

Groupe 347

ITESOFT's choice to completely overhaul its offer around the BPMN2 standard and a multi-tenant architecture is particularly relevant at a time when business and IT managers are looking for modern, standards-based solutions that can be deployed in the Cloud and support their digital transformation.

Groupe 347

Our advice: consider ITESOFT to digitalise your customer or supplier business processes and even your internal organisations’ processes.

Groupe 347


Quickstart Implementation
Faster. Smarter. Safer.

Get the best out of the cloud from the beginning of your project

Quickstart implementation


Quickstart is ITESOFT's change management methodology, capitalising on over a thousand digital transformation projects. A unique approach, it makes the most of our plug and play cloud solutions and makes possible to:

  • Start production right away to maximise ROI
  • Adapt along the way to attain your objectives

Solution immediately available to business users with all its features. Once familiar with the solution, iteration cycles allows to adjust the project to business requirements. Quickstart is a pragmatic implementation offering several benefits compared to traditional methods or V cycles:

  • ROI from the 1st month for P2P projects vs 4 to 6 months
  • More controlled roll-out (removal of tunnel effect)
  • Reduction of project costs
  • Faster adjustments via the most agile iterative model
  • Facilitated change management