• 01

    Omnichannel capture

    • All types of documents: paper, PDF, image, EDI...
    • All channels: post, email, web portal, mobile ...
    • Automatic or manual capture
    • Exhaustive traceability of actions



  • 02

    Data extraction

    • ADR robots: automatic classification and indexing
    • Automatic data control
    • ‘Fast’ or ‘accurate’ modes
    • All types of learning strategies


  • 03

    Data enrichment

    • Automatic validation on internal or external reference systems
    • Manual validation
    • Simplicity and ergonomics
    • Index input form adaptable according to the type of document
  • 04

    Activity management

    • Management of SLAs and quality of service
    • KPIs and business dashboard fully configurable
    • Real-time monitoring of operations (hot)
    • Analysis and optimization of processes (cold)
    • Manual or automatic reallocation of tasks to the resources available


  • 05

    Fraud risk detection

    • Fraud detection robots
    • Image alteration detection Altermetry®
    • Data consistency checks
    • Audit report


  • 06

    Document storage and consultation 

    • Data and indexes stored for 5 years
    • Configuration of indexes according to type of document
    • Document and data search and display


130+ pre-configured documents, ready !

Intelligent document capture solution Solution Streamline for Documents

Exceptional benefices

Exhaustive data validated in real time

Fraud detection

Fraud detection


of documents checked on receipt




costs and document processing times



÷ 6

costs and document processing times




of actions, documents and tracked data




ISO 27001:2022

Our clients recommend us, why not you?

Unrivalled expertise

Smarter, faster and more secure




Full text and by-model extraction

Supervised and incremental learning

Supervised and incremental learning



Image processing

Image processing



Voting strategy

Voting strategy

Deep learning

Deep learning

+1 Md
documents traités/an

Get started right away
and focus on your business

Digitalising your incoming streams has never been so easy. Our experts take care of everything. 

Thanks to our unique AI technologies, our shared library and our Quickstart methodology, we guarantee you the fastest implementation and immediate automation performances. We configure your documents, supervise your services and permanently optimise your performance

Quickstart methodology implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, you receive a mass of documents from your customers or users containing essential information to be given as soon as possible to your managers for the examination of a file or a request.

Digitising these exchanges aims to dematerialise all these documents as soon as they arrive in the organisation, to automatically recognize their type (bank statements, invoices, forms etc...) and to extract and check the key data in order to supply your information system and your staff more quickly with reliable and exhaustive data.

Capable of analysing, sorting, understanding and verifying information, the dematerialisation of new generation documents goes much further than a simple OCR. This is called intelligent document processing

Several elements make Streamline Documents truly unique:

- The solution is available immediately and requires no technical infrastructure implementation; we provide it.

- Streamline for Documents embeds a unique combination of technologies and totally innovative AIs without you having to invest or develop this expertise.

- The provision of more than 130 'pre-learned' document, continuously optimised by our teams. It is not up to you to maintain and enrich these learning bases. We do it for you!

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) are the basis of automatic document reading, they allow to extract characters from an image containing text: an 'a', an '8', a '€'...

In this context, artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies allow to group these extracted characters and to form words.

Finally, expert systems will make it possible to draw a meaning from all these words in their context as a human could do. Only the combination of the 3 approaches guarantees the maximum automation of your documents.

Today, your customers or users send you more and more documents, through more and more channels and in more and more different formats.

That's why Streamline Documents has an omnichannel capture brick that processes all your incoming documents, paper (handwritten or typed mail) and electronic (PDF, email...), structured and unstructured, regardless of your interaction channels: mail, email, web portal... You benefit from a single solution to digitalise the processing of all your incoming documents!

The advantage is to offer the easiest and fastest solution to implement on the market! By providing the richest, ready-to-use, shared document database on the market (several hundred standard documents: ID cards, bank details, proof of address, tax returns, etc.), Streamline for Documents guarantees that you will be able to start up in less than a month with optimal performance, without the need for installation or training and without the need for expert resources.

Depending on your needs, this shared database can also be completed with documents that are specific to you (e.g. membership forms, etc.)

None at all! Streamline Documents is the only document dematerialisation solution on the market that does not require any investment or technical skills on the part of users: our ITESOFT experts are constantly optimising the capture robots and constantly enriching the document database to guarantee you the best performance at all times.

ITESOFT takes care of everything!

With Streamline Documents, previously manual tasks (document sorting, manual data entry into applications, data entry checks, document distribution, etc.) are now automated.

Our service delivers unparalleled automation rates of over 90%, improving your productivity and also your costs and processing times, which can be divided by 6 and more.

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