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Toward Advanced Capture, smarter, faster and more secure

Today, data is the fuel for digital initiatives. Although everyone agrees, having valid, exhaustive and reliable data available in real time remains a challenge for the majority of organizations.

An avalanche of ‘unstructured content’

The main challenge that they have to face is the exponential growth of unstructured content. Thus, 60% of the information that enters an organization does so in the form of documents, hardcopy or electronic(1). And the volume of incoming information is expected to be multiplied 2- to 4-fold by 2023(1), due to the digitization of exchanges as well as compliance requirements.

However, while this unstructured content is fully understandable to a person, it is absolutely unintelligible for information systems. Faster extraction of quality data from it is key for speeding up processes, improving customer experience and increasing operational efficiency. This is why for over 70% of organizations Information Capture is a key to digital transformation(1).

The resurgence of Document Capture

Document capture technologies have been in use for many years to support digitalisation initiatives in many activity sectors. As a bonus, substantial cost reductions and major productivity gains.

However, to supply business processes with valid and reliable information in real time, make use of new formats and channels – such as mobile and web portals, and integrate with open and scalable information systems, Information Capture solutions are having to be reinvented to go further than the mere automation of tasks allowed by OCR and, more recently, RPA technologies.

Toward Advanced Capture

To gain in terms of performance, organisations have to automate their business processes as much as possible: online subscription, granting of credit, loss management, requests for allowances, etc. In order to be the lever of their digitalisation, Capture solutions have to be interactive, simple and quick to implement, even smarter by integrating new cognitive functions.

Advanced Capture solutions must also guarantee secure document-based exchanges, since digitization of exchanges poses new fraud and non-compliance risks for all organizations. They must be able to be integrated simply in the information system – for example by being ‘consumed’ as a simple REST service, increasing the use of automation technologies such as RPA and communicating natively with process orchestration solutions such as BPM.

Furthermore, they must also provide high-level services, assembling the best technology bricks without leaving it up to the user or developer to integrate combined document processing technologies.

Finally, although Capture has relied since its earliest days on AI and Machine Learning algorithms, the fact remains that 2/3 of companies say that their solution does not make the most of the advances in the field. ITESOFT meanwhile has always invested heavily in research and has contributed over 100 scientific papers on subjects such as neural networks, Deep Learning, convolutional networks, etc. This is what guarantees the intrinsic performance of a solution as confirmed by its first place in the Pentadoc classification awarded to its technologies (2).

The 7 attributes of Advanced Capture To meet these new requirements, a capture solution therefore has to have 7 essential features:

  • A maximum automation rate: in a world governed by data, every automation percentage counts and is immediately expressed as a saving on FTE or a reduction of lead time.
  • Immediate performances: Capture solutions are based on AI and therefore learning, thus bringing forward the achievement of optimum performances. By making the best use of the Cloud and sharing, Advanced Capture considerably reduces scalability times
  • Integration with fraud detection services to address new risks
  • A high-level service allowing developers to do away with assembling elementary recognition technologies in order to arrive more quickly and at less cost at applications that are maintainable over time
  • The capacity to natively connect to a solution for business process orchestration
  • An interactive real time service to speed up customer experience
  • Simplicity of implementation based on the Cloud and web standards

By relying on an Advanced Capture solution, organizations can accelerate their transformation and fully digitize all their business processes, making them faster, smarter and more secure.

It is in this context that ITESOFT offers Capture as a Service. It relies on the power of the Cloud and sharing of exchanges and capitalizes on the most efficient ADR engines in the market. It is consumed in a combined manner behind a portal application, a mobile application, a website, etc. It offers more than 25 types of pre-configured documents – identity cards, proof of income and address ... - thus considerably speeding up implementation times and return on investment.

ITESOFT Capture as a Service thus offers Advanced Capture, which is smarter, faster and more secure.   (1) Sources: 2019 studies, AIIM, Gartner, Markess. (2) Finyear ITESOFT is the best solution for automatic processing of incoming mail - PENTADOC Radar 2010