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As digital and financial transformation hits its stride, automation is becoming a priority agenda item for many senior management teams. For many, automation represents a significant shift in the way their business operates - and involves significant investment and wholesale structural change.

So, why should you be considering automation if you’re not already? The answer lies in five key benefits no business can afford to ignore.

1.  It Saves You Time

It may sound obvious, but automated processes are faster than manual ones - and they get faster over time. While manual processes can often break down during peak times or due to loss of core expertise, automated processes never lose momentum. Despite this, many companies have bad experiences with automation in their path that put them off making the transition. What few realise is that there’s no reason to repeat those mistakes.

2. It Saves Money

One of the biggest reasons so many businesses are flocking towards automation is its ability to significantly reduce costs. Automation makes it easier to ensure you are making the most efficient use of every resource. From helping optimise your accounts payable processes or avoiding compliance fines, there are few areas of your business that couldn’t reduce their expenditure by automating.

3. It Reduces Errors

Another common problem with manual processes is that they are frequently error-prone. This is particularly true in finance departments, where decades-old spreadsheets and their many version control issues often reign supreme. But they aren’t the only issue: incompatible legacy systems, inaccurate or fraudulent documentation and poorly managed data cause errors that can impact an entire organisation.

4. It Increases Visibility

Automation doesn’t just give you speed and efficiency, it gives you visibility, too. Automated systems allow you to view your processes, data and usage statistics through a single interface, giving you a broader view of how your business is performing operationally and empowering you to make more informed and accurate decisions.

5. You Can Approve on the Move

The other benefit automation delivers is the ability to unchain your data and processes from the desktop and put them into the cloud - and from there into your pocket or palm. That gives you the freedom to view alerts, make decisions and approve requests on the go for smoother and more efficient operations.