Digitalise and Automate your Business Processes

Customer Processes

Optimise your customer experience

    Maximised transformation rates
    Reduced customer acquisition costs
    Increased customer satisfaction

Internal Processes

Improve your operational performance

    Increased internal collaboration
    Improved competitiveness
    Increased employee satisfaction

Supplier Processes

Maximise the efficiency of your supplier relations

    Reduced cost and time management
    Compliance with legislation and auditability
    Minimised errors and fraud risks

Digital Transformation and Business Process Automation

The evolution of personal practices caused by technological changes raises a considerable challenge for companies, requiring them to rethink their business model and organisation in order to increase their profits. All economic leaders are concerned including leaders of the past, in both the public and private sectors. In 5 years, 80% of companies that are leaders in their market should be digital! (source Gartner Group).

So how can you modernise your business and succeed in your digital transformation?

Opting for the digitalisation and automation of your business processes means you can increase the flexibility, efficiency and productivity of your organisation. Specifically, this means opening the opportunity to increase operating profits by 12% (source Mc Kinsey).

Mastering the design and management of your business processes means continually offering innovative new services to your customers, partners, suppliers and employees. By acting on innovation, productivity, quality of service and traceability of actions, digitalisation and automation of business processes are not only a major competitive advantage but also an essential point of digital transformation for business.

Decrease litigation by digitalising customer files

For Carglass®, each application file must be complete. An unauthorised service could be synonymous with refused reimbursement by insurers. In order to secure the management and traceability of its files, Carglass® decided to rely on ITESOFT to dematerialise customer files. The offices and headquarters now have immediate access to documents and disputes have been drastically decreased.

We have between 90 to 95% of documents automatically identified and about 90% that are automatically indexed

Axel Brochard, Development Manager

Case Study

Mitsubishi Electric automates invoice processes with seamless SAP integration

With so many invoices being manually entered every day by Mitsubishi Electric employees, the business wanted to speed up their invoice processes and free up staff time. Their main requirements were to move to an automated system in order to eliminate building frustration, and do this with minimal disruption.

The ITESOFT support team was always available and on site when needed, I am looking forward to continued successes with them.

Emma Taylor, Accounts Payable Manager

Case study

Capturing transactions in omnichannel mode with electronic signatures

UGIPS Gestion, a subsidiary of the AXA Group, relies on ITESOFT for optimising the stream of customer transactions via paper mail, email and a web portal. Improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction and process traceability are ensured.

Digitalising and automating our customer processes represented a cultural revolution for which ITESOFT has been very helpful

Eric Boudet, IT Manager, Member of the Management Committee

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