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ITESOFT now integrates into its offer the electronic signature technologies of Universign, a Trust Services Provider of electronic  signature, electronic seal and timestamp qualified under the European eIDAS regulation. This partnership forms part of the ITESOFT strategy for permanently delivering the most efficient and secure solutions and technologies for digital transformation of processes.

Optimization of customer journey: high expectations

When organizations are wishing more than ever to improve their customer experience and their operational efficiency (even when “physical or in-person contact” becomes a problem), digital is becoming the obvious choice. The recent situation related to COVID demonstrated this once again. Chosen by a growing number of customers seeking simplicity and immediacy, and by organizations searching for performance,electronic signature is an essential link in initiatives for digitization and modernization of customer and user journey. Furthermore, it makes it possible to secure signed documents by providing all the regulatory guarantees of conformity required.

Paradox: although expectations are high, electronic signature is still not used very much in processes. Thus, only 41% of insurance companies offer online subscription to agreements 1, 36% of French people who signed a life insurance agreement did so via electronic signature 2 and 29% of consumers who took out a mortgage agreement signed it electronically 3.

End-to-end digitized and secure processes

In this context, to allow organizations to offer their customers/users end-to-end digitized and secure processes (subscription, account opening, membership agreements, lease agreements, administrative procedures etc.), ITESOFT enriches its Digital Process Automation (DPA) platform with Universign Trust Services to guarantee the integrity of signed documents and identification of the signatories.

ITESOFT thus offers unique solutions that combine all the essential technologies to the digitization of business processes: document and data capture, completeness and compliance checks, robotized fraud detection, BPM, archiving, RPA and electronic signature. Frédéric Massy, Chief Marketing Officer, ITESOFT, explains:

Electronic signature forms part of the key functions of process automation. Universign is the reference operator in the field and its signature complies with the latest European security regulations (eIDAS regulations). They have a shared database of 500,000 qualified digital identities. We are delighted with this partnership, which is going to enable us to deliver even greater value to our customers.

The partnership between the 2 French publishers consolidates a relationship that was already strong and common references such as the Mutuelle Carac and UGIPS Gestion which rely on ITESOFT and Universign to offer their customers end-to-end digitized membership processes, from the start of the relationship to signing the agreement. Pierre d’Estais, Alliance Manager, Universign, adds:

This partnership with ITESOFT, the leading publisher in the business process digitization market, gives us the opportunity to disseminate more widely the use of electronic signature with, as a bonus, optimized digitization and enhanced business efficiency for companies. We are thus meeting the growing needs of a great number of operators in fields such as banking, insurance and real estate. This is one of the strengths of electronic signature: its capacity to adapt efficiently to all practices of the sectors of the economy.