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We are delighted to announce that Bruntwood Limited, an existing ITESOFT UK client have signed to use Streamline Invoices. Highlighting their commitment to high quality working practices and reduced environmental impacts. Continuing their journey to a truly outstanding Accounts Payable department.

Who are Bruntwood?

Bruntwood are headquartered in Manchester, with offices in 4 other locations in the North of England. They are committed to creating thriving cities that include:

  • culturally rich workspaces,
  • healthier happier lifestyles,
  • reduced environmental impact and
  • unlocking the true potential in people.

Processing approximately 100,000 invoices a year, Bruntwood are the first ITESOFT UK client to move onto our latest platform. Nick Dunnett, Managing Director of ITESOFT UK had this to say:

It is an honour to be able to extend our existing relationship with Bruntwood at this exciting time for them as they move forward with a new ERP solution. I’m delighted that at this time they have chosen to move from ITESOFT’s on premise solution to our Streamline invoices cloud solution.

What is Streamline Invoices?

Streamline Invoices is the very latest in Accounts Payable automation. Leveraging 30 years of experience, and more than 250 successful projects, Streamline has been designed to offer the very best in class benefits. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, and combining world class information capture with flexible workflow, granular analytics and a number of other bolt on extras.

The real magic is in the capture, with ITESOFT guaranteeing capture rates of a minimum of 85%. Not only guaranteeing to boost the capture rates, our ability to match supplier details is unbeatable. Making use of a unique master data set of more than 1 million records to ensure that poor master data is no longer a block to automation.