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ITESOFT training: Key figures


Over 15 years of experience in training


Over 100 training sessions per year


Over 1000 trainees taught each year


10 trainers at your service


Over 40 different training modules

Our training courses adapted to your profile

ITESOFT has designed a training program enabling each employee to master ITESOFT solutions, regardless of the participant’s role in the organisation. Our training courses are designed for our customers as well as our integrator and distributor partners.

We show you the main principles of our solutions, not only from a functional point of view, but also from the point of view of its implementation, so as to acquire the necessary skills enabling you to grasp all phases of your project with greater efficiency right from the start.

Whether you are a Project Manager or a Developer, we offer you courses adapted to your profile that will prepare you to work autonomously on our solutions, in terms of project management, specifications and functional validations as well as design, configurations and development when necessary.

You are normally the first to be concerned with implementing the solution, and we have not forgotten you. We offer highly functional training, with customised content and scenarios in order to stick as closely as possible to the functional reality of your business, guaranteeing you smooth daily operations.

Depending on the organisation’s structure, there are often multiple roles involved when implementing a digital transformation solution: whether it is participating in the functional validation as a key user, or ensuring operational supervision of the solution once in production (reading of performance indicators and streamlining actions). We have built various training modules that will facilitate mastering these various essential tasks.

Our solutions are based on different technical components that must be managed. We have built training modules that will not only enable you to identify and master these components, but also to autonomously carry out the various tasks of technical administration.

They gain expertise with ITESOFT

Both technical and functional, the skills taught during these trainings sessions enabled our consultants to master all aspects of implemententing a digitalisation project.

Luc Courillon-Havy, Project Director Infor

They gain expertise with ITESOFT

I previously had no idea of the rich possibilities behind the ITESOFT platform. This training helped me to see everything that could be done and to identify how to optimise the platform as close as possible according to internal requirements. A real plus: a good atmosphere and genuine discussions with the trainer.

Laurence FANTINO, Project Owner, Caisse des Dépôts and Consignations

A team of experienced trainers at your service

Our trainers are all experienced collaborators, trained in pedagogy, certified ITESOFT, among the best European specialists. In addition to their role as facilitators, they also participate in the implementation of numerous projects and thus maintain constant contact with real issues. Also very involved in collaborative work with our R & D, they are responsible for building and ensuring the continuous improvement of the different training supports and platforms used for the training exercises, all in perfect match with our products.

Dominique Labbe-Lavigne

In a context where rapid return on investment is imperative, training is urgently important and a critical factor for project success. Our sessions are a place for learning, demonstrating and sharing experience, all contributing to complete the expertise of the trainees and to ensure the success of the project. This is also a positive factor in consolidating human business relations, a key element for a project that is innovative, structuring and motivating for digital transformation.

Dominique Labbe-Lavigne, Training Project Manager

Our different types of training



All our training sessions can be offered online. This system, in perfect harmony with the tendency towards digitalisation, reduces travel costs and the implied carbon footprint.



We offer in-company training. Suitable for project customisation, whether for support materials, training exercises or datasets used, these training courses are preferably delivered on your site but can also be provided in-house at ITESOFT, if you do not have the necessary infrastructure for your training sessions.



We can also build eLearning solutions for you, a preferred mode when it comes to training a large population of end users. We can also build and host specific training platforms for end-users, with personal one to one delivery, whether with an ITESOFT expert or one of your trainers

Dedicated infrastructures

Inter-company training takes place at ITESOFT, equipped with classrooms designed to encourage very good communication: one PC per trainee, a video projector, a large touchscreen, a paper board, wi-fi access, a free snack space, etc.

Our technical training infrastructure is also accessible by digital network with secure access. This configuration can be used, for example, if you do not have the IT infrastructure necessary to provide training.

A pedagogical approach promoting practice

All our training modules rely on pedagogy using examples and comparisons. Each session lasts 7 hours a day with 50% of the time spent on practical work.

Trainees work on concrete examples, scenarios, ensuring the best possible comprehension, sharing points of view, measuring the stakes for the company, for obtaining autonomy in day-to-day decision making.

Discover ITESOFT Ecosystem! This is your dedicated space, whether you are customer, partner, technical or functional expert. It offers a multitude of services and resources for all the phases involved in your process-based application projects. The ecosystem is also an exchange platform where everyone can publish their contributions in the form of processes or applications that each member of the community can retrieve or buy from his or her designer. Customers and partners will also find all the necessary resources to keep their environments up to date and interact with the software editor. Finally, the news stream offers you information about activities related to business or technology linked with our products and solutions.

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