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Optimising internal processes

Because a company is differentiated by its expertise and its manufacturing secrets, tailor-made processes are the key to long-term performance. The BPM approach guarantees agility and scalability for processes and applications available to users, allowing businesses to keep ahead of market evolutions. Beyond reducing operating costs, BPM is the foundation for innovation.

Increasing internal collaboration

Improved competitiveness

Data security through stable and controlled processes

Operational Excellence, a matter of optimised processes

Automation of business processes is an approach that is rooted in many organisations, its implementation is often based on processes with high intrinsic value. The accelerating evolution of practices and markets means that it is now essential to organise operations and internal processes (quality monitoring, HR recruitment, production management…) to meet demand and increase responsiveness, or risk being overtaken by competitors.

ITESOFT products have been proven time and time again. They are used in various sectors, with no one sector prevailing over the others. As soon as there are workflows orchestrated between several participants, phases to be processed by automated systems or humans or sensitive data to manage connected to existing software packages (ERP, CRM, HRIS, GED …), our technology provides key assets.

Optimise internal processes

Based on BPM technology, ITESOFT enables dependably interpretating existing procedures while offering new functionalities that improve and secure processes (automation of notices, centralisation of data and progress history, furnished reports of restitution states...).

We use ITESOFT BPM platform to deploy other applications in addition to the internal processes already in place for several years: print orders, training requests...

Jerome Tharaud, Responsible for IT research and development at Prisma Media

Targeting operational excellence for business

Core business processes: design, production, compliance …

Because of their capacity to cover specific needs for specific occupations, these applications are diversified in nature, size and functional spectrum. They notably involve business objects and their implementation is often a major asset for the organisation, as they transcribe its expertise as a differentiating factor from competitors. Here, we aim above all to improve operational productivity: sales preparation, marketing, allocation of grants, provisioning of clinical tests, construction of telecommunication lines, etc. ​

Universal processes: quality, risk, legal …

These applications deal with generic problems that can be transposed from one job to another, where the adaptation to the specific use context does not require any modification and where we find the same roles. This applies, for example, to applications dedicated to quality assurance (ISO 9000 type), the development of contracts (where there is great similarity between sectors), risk management, product life-cycle or the launch of new products …

Automating processess in support of business

Applications for the administrative and financial directorates

BPM has become an essential part of administrative and financial services, where the modernisation of information systems is an effective way of rationalising expenditure and of remaining competitive in a fluctuating context. Here, process automation issues are at the heart of business concerns and the combination of our tools with digitalisation and document management solutions on the market demonstrates their multiplicity of uses. Typical cases include purchase requests, periodic reporting of turnover, investment requests, order processing or invoice processing, budget preparation…

Human resource processes

The very nature of this field requires that many individuals need to connect to the same system for managing personnel data. This is particularly sensitive for the company, especially for those where human capital is the main resource. The optimisation of resources, traceability and reliability are crucial factors. Renowned human workflow specialist since its origin, ITESOFT has set up a wide range of recognised solutions in this area: managing employee arrivals and departures, calculating profit sharing, managing expense reports, leave, annual interviews and employee mobility…

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