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Proven methodology

Based on project management standards, the main characteristics of our methodology are:

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • The division of the project into phases, stages, milestones orchestrated in a shared planning
  • The formalisation and validation of the deliverables for each stage
  • The use of proven tools like MS Project

Our engagements:

  • Respect the contractual perimeter of the project
  • Deliver an application that meets expectations
  • Meet deadlines
  • Respect the budget

Adaptable to all types of projects

We propose different versions of our methodology according to context:

  • Quick Deploy (agile concept), is based on 3 strong points:
    • Configurable product and high-performance technology
    • Extended standard functional coverage
    • Iterative working mode where tests and real-life use replace long analysis steps and eliminate silos


  • TDR (Test Driven Requirements):
    • Specify a functionality by writing test scenarios
    • Reducing risks of misunderstanding between ITESOFT and the customer (reliability of the definition of expectations)
    • Positioning tests at the heart of project stakeholders concerns (reliability of deliverables, compliance with expectations)

Experts at your service

More than 60 experienced consultants and project managers ensure successful implementation of your project. The aspects of their expertise are multiple:

  • An expertise – business and functional – to understand and deal with your problems of customer relations, purchasing-supplier processes, HR, quality…
  • Expertise in digital transformation technologies: ADR / ADC, BPM, ERP, CRM, SaaS…
  • Expertise in numerous methodologies: projects with a PMI type, technical assistance in Agile mode, Quick Deploy…
  • But also an expertise in international projects to help you deploy your digital transformation across the globe: core model, gap analysis, deployment on a large scale…
philippe andrieux itesoft

ITESOFT represents over 30 years of experience with more than 1,000 projects worldwide for demanding customers and more than 60 project managers and consultants specialised and certified in dematerialisation technologies. Whether it’s to automate your supplier invoices or manage your customer processes, our software expertise and project methodology guarantee that you obtain a solution perfectly adapted, both technically and functionally, to your needs and your organisation.

Philippe Andrieu, Director Professional Services

Decrease litigation by digitalising customer files

For Carglass®, each application file must be complete. An unauthorised service could be synonymous with refused reimbursement by insurers. In order to secure the management and traceability of its files, Carglass® decided to rely on ITESOFT to dematerialise customer files. The offices and headquarters now have immediate access to documents and disputes have been drastically decreased.

We have between 90 to 95% of documents automatically identified and about 90% that are automatically indexed

Axel Brochard, Development Manager

Case Study

Capturing transactions in omnichannel mode with electronic signatures

UGIPS Gestion, a subsidiary of the AXA Group, relies on ITESOFT for optimising the stream of customer transactions via paper mail, email and a web portal. Improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction and process traceability are ensured.

Digitalising and automating our customer processes represented a cultural revolution for which ITESOFT has been very helpful

Eric Boudet, IT Manager, Member of the Management Committee

Mitsubishi Electric automates invoice processes with seamless SAP integration

With so many invoices being manually entered every day by Mitsubishi Electric employees, the business wanted to speed up their invoice processes and free up staff time. Their main requirements were to move to an automated system in order to eliminate building frustration, and do this with minimal disruption.

The ITESOFT support team was always available and on site when needed, I am looking forward to continued successes with them.

Emma Taylor, Accounts Payable Manager

Case study

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