Business Processes Automation

/ The automation of business processes
for increasing production efficiency

Optimising the automation of processes through the implementation of business applications is the essential foundation for improving your company performance. Through increasing productivity, service quality and the traceability of actions, process automation allow for a major competitive advantage.

Process automation enables a faster circulation and validation of documents. This rationalises the allocation of tasks within an organisation with minimal intervention wich leads to reduced business costs and more reliable, secure and controlled operations.

To complete the current platform for capture and storage and to meet the need for treating both workflow documents and increasingly complex business processes, ITESOFT has integrated the BPM (Business Process Management) offer of W4 therefore enabling complex modelling for business processes that go beyond simple document workflow. This offer perfectly compliments the existing operational software for capture and storage.



Model your processes for customer relations

ITESOFT.Streamline, based on the proven BPM (Business Process Management) offer of W4 covers all needs related to processes for customer relations, with the following features:

  • A modelling tool to set up the processes and the associated data while remaining readable by business specialists.
  • Pre-configured connectors for major market applications (ERP, CRM, DMS ...) and for other functional modules offered by ITESOFT
  • Rigorous modelling compatible with BPMN 2.0, with extra « business probes » added to the process, that enable follow-up, benchmarking or decisional monitoring
  • An automatic generator for data entry interfaces
  • An execution engine built on BPMN 2.0 standard

Automate processes for your supplier invoices

ITESOFT.Balance gives you full control over your supplier processes. Job tasks with no added value are automated making it possible for you to focus on dispatching, analytics and communications with the supplier, settlement of disputes, etc. Among the features offered by ITESOFT.Balance:

  • Automated data cleansing for the supplier base and correlated searches for maximum speed and performance when consulting information.
  • A double scan engine with self-learning functions boosting efficient treatment of a large variety of documents including multi-page and multi-line.
  • Automatic controls for verifying conformance between the data and the ERP (purchase orders, delivery receipts)
  • Fully configurable processes



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