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Our consultants work in advising, auditing and assisting project owners to provide you with the expertise and help needed to define, select and implement your projects.


6 experts dedicated to consulting


10 years minimum experience for each consultant


60 projects on average per year

Advice (ROI analysis, process streamlining…)

What are the objectives that drive your project? The question is not trivial! It is at the heart of initiating your project and setting-up the business framework.

To maximise the performance of your digital transformation, our consultants take advantage of accumulated best practices that are the result of shared experience stemming from more than 650 clients with analysis focused on 4 major questions:

    What is the target?
    What financial investments, time or man hours are needed to be implemented?
    What are the expected benefits?
    What are the risks?


Our consultants will help you to answer these questions, set the course and guide project teams to maximise your chances of success.

club med process automation

The advice provided by ITESOFT has enabled us to secure the deployment of our supplier invoice processing solution in Belgium, Germany and England. ITESOFT consultants’ professional and technical expertise on this gap analysis was a real plus.
Lionel Michel, Accounting Systems Manager

Advising Project Owners (assistance, set-up, specifying project requirements…)

In all transformation projects, certain steps are particularly important: correctly setting-up the initial environment, drafting precise and feasible specifications, anticipating bottlenecks and knowing how to accompany the driving change.

Based on their experience on all these subjects, our consultants will assist you in all these key critical stages which are too often underestimated:

    Assistance in drafting the specifications
    Assistance in validating
    Assistance in managing change


In addition, in order to encourage the adoption of digitalisation and process automation tools, our consultants are able to value the strategic aspect of your project for the company and to unite stakeholders around the same channels of communication by raising awareness, reassuring and involving all relevant participants (sponsors, users, operators, partners, customers / suppliers, trade unions).

It is important for us to have a partner like ITESOFT, able to intervene with our clients for project management consulting. They are true experts in digitalisation and process automation, perfectly qualified to study the feasibility of projects, to advise in defining needs and to help in setting-up the specifications. We have solicited them on numerous occasions. The success of these projects demonstrates the value of this approach.
Luc Courillon-Havy, Project Manager Infor

Audit (Functional, technical, organisation, feasibility …)

For each audit, our consultants produce a report detailing recommendations and specific proposals, not only in connection with your initial problem, but also with regard to other issues that may be identified in the process.

Our audits are organised in standardised unit modules (functional, architecture, performance, etc.), that can be carried out independently or in a complementary manner to fit the context of your project.

Each audit is defined by detailed description:

    Expected benefits

We have solicited ITESOFT consultants for performance optimisation audits of our supplier invoice digitalisation solution. This audit, both functional and technical, enables us to identify the migration path of the platform, in order to achieve the expected performance and profitability gains. Result: a master plan and partners previously identified for each phase that guarantees the success of our objectives for performance, deadlines and costs.
Elodie Papet, Head of Service Provider Operations – IMA

An expert team at your service

All our consultants in charge of consulting / assisting project owners / auditing services are ITESOFT certified offering a wide range of expertise in different fields:

    Invoice processing
    Digitalisation and Capture of incoming information flows
    Process Automation / BPM
    Streamlining performance
    Organisational issues


Together, our consultants have more than 10 years of experience at ITESOFT and have implemented numerous digitalisation and process automation projects joining the Consulting Department.

philippe andrieux itesoft

At ITESOFT we now offers a global service that is unique for a software editor because we know how to engage and support our clients during all phases of the project life: before, during and after Go Live. Thanks to the professional expertise of the senior consultants leading this service, our ambition is to enable our clients and our partners to benefit from the best experience and proven methods of work. And in so doing, secure their project and maximise their ROI.

Philippe Andrieu, Professional Services Director

Discover ITESOFT Ecosystem! This is your dedicated space, whether you are customer, partner, technical or functional expert. It offers a multitude of services and resources for all the phases involved in your process-based application projects. The ecosystem is also an exchange platform where everyone can publish their contributions in the form of processes or applications that each member of the community can retrieve or buy from his or her designer. Customers and partners will also find all the necessary resources to keep their environments up to date and interact with the software editor. Finally, the news stream offers you information about activities related to business or technology linked with our products and solutions.

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