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ITESOFT Ecosystem is available to all, offering a multitude of services and resources for all stages of process-based application projects. White papers are available for better understanding the challenges of digital transformation, the Web Modeler will assist you in modelling and sharing your processes, and ITESOFT products are available to download for implementation when you have decided to get started with process automation.

Furthermore, the ecosystem is an exchange platform where everyone can publish their contributions in the form of processes or applications that each member of the community can retrieve or purchase from its designer. Apart from the dedicated space where customers and partners have access to resources for maintaining their product environments and interacting with support, the news channel offers activities and events related to products and solutions.

Content adapted to each profile

The ecosystem is a supportive and equipped platform for all stakeholders involved in a digital transformation project, whether they are clients, partneres, technical or functional experts. This sharing centre, which is gradually being enriched by the contributions of its members, contains ready-to-use processes, applications and software components and, in general, provides better matches between specifications and solutions.

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We have the privilege of having you as a customer. This is why we have opened a dedicated space for you, to offer a professional framework for communications and the services you need for maintaining operations at their best and facilitating correspondance with your support contacts.

In this space you will also find your software components and upgrades.


A space for sharing and resources

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You will find in the resource space a set of documents available for download.

In addition to the brochures of our products and solutions, we provide a set of white papers illustrating the use of technologies addressing the issues that are yours as part of digital transformation.


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Collaborative creation:
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The Web Modeler is at the heart of the ecosystem: this online tool is publicly available in its free version, helping you to familiarise yourself with modelling processes in BPMN 2.0.

The contributions of other ecosystem members are at your disposal to find inspiration and without having to start from a blank page!

Free, online product evaluation

The implementation of a digital transformation solution is based on a set of technologies that we have developed into a platform consisting of 3 pillars: omnichannel capture, process automation, and document fraud detection. The best way to verify that a solution best meets your needs is to try it out. This is why you will find some of our products available for evaluation.

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