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Improve customer experience with online contracting

eContract is a solution in SaaS mode with easy implementation of “complex” online subscriptions, requiring the verification of supporting documents and the signing of a contract. By offering a completely digitalised route, eContract dramatically increases the conversion rate and reduces the risk of fraud.

Online capture

Real-time document management

Electronic contract

Discover the functionalities of the eContract solution

eContract enables tailoring customer experience, managing supporting documents, the electronic signature of the documents and the creation of a certified file while being easily integrated with the information system.

econtract- buyer journey

eContract lets you independently configure your customer journey by setting-up:

    Access to the download area for supporting documents
    The control parameters: quality, conformity, authenticity, duration of validity of the document…
    The different user profiles and requested supports
    Configuring the signature for the contract
    Email templates (opening, raising, etc.)
    Customer communication texts
eContract - document check

In the first step, eContract checks the quality of the transmitted images. The solution then verifies that the substantiating documents sent are indeed those expected and compares the data extracted from the documents with the information in the file.

The last step is to analyse the authenticity of the received supporting documents by applying specific fraud detection checks to each document

econtract esignature itesoft

eContract integrates the electronic signature on the fly of an ETSI TS 102 042 certified certification authority that complies with the eIDAS regulations and ensures the conformity and durability of your contractual documents.

Also compatible with the Adobe AATL program, certified in Europe, and natively recognized by Adobe as part of its CDS and AATL programs, signatures and timestamps are also automatically recognised in Adobe Reader.

econtract itesoft evidence file

Throughout a transaction’s lifecycle, each customer action is recorded in a document enabling all end user activity to be traced and validation actions to be taken on the file.

This document, called the evidence file, is intended to be produced as evidence in the event of legal proceedings.

eContract easily integrates with your infrastructure. Simply integrate the web component in an existing web portal in the form of an iframe. eContract natively manages all major browsers on the market and the different screen sizes.

Web service APIs enable managing the different stages of a file’s life-cycle from the creation of a file to its recovery (usually in a GED) through the various validation steps.

Optimise your supplier journey

A conversion rate improved X 2

By eliminating the exchange of paper documents in the contracting process and by allowing the electronic signature of the contract in real-time, the customer experience is fluid and seamless. Various studies on the subject demonstrate that a digitalised itinerary combined with cross-channel recovery capabilities or automatic re-launch of the customer by SMS, email (in case of unfinished files) multiply conversion rates by 2.

Compliance and reduced fraud risks

Banking, insurance, mutual insurance, telecom, etc., whatever the sector, there are strong regulatory obligations, often translated by requests for substantiating documents (identity cards, tax notices, pay slips …). These obligations mean B2B vendors are able to verify customer’s identity and solvency throughout the transactional processes. A 100% digitalised contractualisation process, including a secure authentication of customers, an automatic control in real-time of the substantiating documents and management of the electronic signature, enable not only satisfying these regulatory requirements but also fighting fraud.

Capturing transactions in omnichannel mode with electronic signatures

UGIPS Gestion, a subsidiary of the AXA Group, relies on ITESOFT for optimising the stream of customer transactions via paper mail, email and a web portal. Improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction and process traceability are ensured.

Digitalising and automating our customer processes represented a cultural revolution for which ITESOFT has been very helpful

Eric Boudet, IT Manager, Member of the Management Committee

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