5 reasons to transform your AP function through automation

We now live in a world where a new class of digital tools are reshaping almost every aspect of business communication and interaction. You don’t have to look far to see the spectacular impact of cloud, robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, and more. These are some of the digital disruptors that are really changing how

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Digital transformation addresses primitive processing of document capture. Most companies still use fax and paper capture solutions but with digital transformation, companies will need to rethink their approach for collecting and digitalising their information from multiple sources in multiple formats (e-mail, PDF, web forms etc.). As in many other areas, the use of cloud services

Customer Behaviour and Consumer Modes Have Strongly Developed with Digital Transformation.

The behaviour of customers have evolved in 3 particular areas due to digital transformation. The relationships between a customer and a bank/insurance company have been getting better as digitalisation has been gradually increasing the relationship between the two. This has been reflected by a steady decline in customers leaving the bank/insurance companies and the growing