Business Process Automation: What Will be Left for People to do?

Digital transformation is revolutionising the way business processes are managed.  Rather than merely evolving over time, processes are undergoing wholesale change in order to adapt the challenges faced by digital businesses, and yet while advances such as digitalisation, BPM and the introduction of AI have obvious benefits, many workers regard them with fear. How can

Do you know about BPM ‘Low Code’?

With BPMN+, ITESOFT | W4 is reinventing business process management (BPM). Implementing new strategic processes in record time has never been so easy: simply design your processes, let the execution engine automatically generate the computer code, test… and your applications are up and running in no time! Business process automation is a core element of any

BPM: What Role will Humans Play in the Digital Transformation of Business?

François Bonnet, Marketing Product Manager ITESOFT | W4, stepped into the limelight during the 5th edition of the famous bpmNEXT event in Santa Barbara (United States). As well as addressing the tech sector’s hottest topic – the emerging role of AI in our organisations – François touched on the role humans will play in the

5 reasons to transform your AP function through automation

We now live in a world where a new class of digital tools are reshaping almost every aspect of business communication and interaction. You don’t have to look far to see the spectacular impact of cloud, robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, and more. These are some of the digital disruptors that are really changing how

New Partnership with GetMyInvoices

ITESOFT | W4 are happy to announce a new partnership with GetMyInvoices, a leading invoice retrieval and management solution. We’re looking forward to working together on new challenges. Customers of GetMyInvoices will now benefit from direct integration to true OCR technology to improve efficiency and productivity of their invoice processing team.  GetMyInvoices are fast becoming Europe’s most