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Essential pillars of process automation

The dematerialization of documents and processes must be based on a solid foundation of storage and indexing of various types to enable processes to effectively manage information flow and access. All document transactions need to be logged and indexed for full traceability of records. This is as essential for customer relations (litigation) as for processing invoices (Reliable Audit Trail).

All transactions accomplished when processing documents are logged and thus offer full traceability of records, which can be as useful for customer relations (litigation) as for processing invoices (Audit Trail Reliable)


ITESOFT offers a flexible solution particularly suited to dematerialization projects and automation of business processes based on documents.

ITESOFT.Share can store documents regardless of their size (image, office paper, EDI or XML electronic flow) and circulation within the organization. They are then accessible from a browser, a mobile terminal or any necessary application (ERP, CRM, business applications). It is a flexible and powerful platform, the implementation is quick and simple, and can be fully adapted to the specific applications that will use it.

ITESOFT.Share easily interfaces with third-party archiving solutions with probative value and/or with a digital strongbox.



Storage of documents exchanged with your customers

ITESOFT.Share makes it notably possible to store and secure all documents constituting customer records (membership forms, contracts, correspondence, vouchers...). ITESOFT.Share plays a major role in streamlining processes for customer relations:

  • to provide the right documents based on the current context
  • to inspect file records and their status when physically away from the office thanks to the secure extranet feature
  • instant access to documents from the CRM or a business application without extra research

Storing supplier invoices

ITESOFT.Share materializes all stakeholder documents in the Purchase-to-Pay process (purchase requisitions, purchase orders, invoices...) and automates approval. ITESOFT.Share thus offers the power of reliable audit trails and meets with tax authority regulations by

  • reconstructing the entire invoicing process in chronological order
  • ensuring that the invoice reflects the processed transaction that took place, linking the invoice and automatically associating documents
  • justifying any operation by means of a simple subdocument that can reestablish a continuous uninterrupted path directly back to the invoice



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