Collaborate more efficiently with suppliers

/ A supplier portal
to expedite and simplify supplier relations


An accounts payable department may invest up to 30% of its time relaunching reminders for suppliers, looking for information on the status of an invoice or litigation management.

The establishment of a supplier portal provides a collaborative platform for all of this vital information. Thus, the supplier portal enables increasing efficiency by reducing the number of interchanges, improving your relationships with your suppliers by providing immediate and accurate visibility into invoice processing and reducing time spent resolving disputes.

Portail fournisseur




Simplify supplier relations

A valuable tool for optimizing supplier relations, ITESOFT.SupplierPortal is the link that will effectively complete SCPA for Suppliers, with:

  • A function for delivering dematerialized invoices directly from suppliers
  • Integration with other modules of the suite, including ITESOFT.Balance to ensure consistency with the information in your ERP
  • A display of payments with their deadlines
Additional collaborative oriented features such as a conversation thread associated with the invoices, the transmission of other supporting documents, identification and address modifications and general conditions will soon be added.


The golden rules for a successful project

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Once you have selected the right solution for your business requirements :

  • What’s the best way to move forward with this highly specific project?
  • How can you set the initial scope?
  • What project methodology should you use?
  • How can you implement the change efficiently and effectively?

The purpose of this document is to provide answers to frequently asked questions such as these, based on our expertise in Purchase-to-Pay automation arena.


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